To recruit Black teachers, do the work

Pennsylvania has a teacher shortage problem. What else is new? So do other states. What else is new is that the state Department of Education has a plan to increase the number of teachers by thousands by the year 2025, which includes expanding teacher apprenticeships and easing teacher certification guidelines, as well as ramped up teacher recruiting. But to solve the teacher shortage problem, the state must address an equally troubling problem: the lack of Black teachers in Pennsylvania.

Were Lizzo And Beyoncé Afforded The Consideration Of Lyrical Context? - Blavity

First Lizzo and now Beyoncé have come under fire for their use of the word “spazz” in their songs. The word is an ableist slur, a discriminatory phrase against people with disabilities, characterizing them as inferior to the non-disabled. The term derives from the word “spastic,” referring to spastic cerebral palsy, a disability that affects a person’s ability to control their muscles. However, “spazz” is also a term used as a slang term in the Black community, meaning to “go crazy.” Admittedly

The Students Got Something to Say A Review of Fugitive Pedagogy, Carter G. Woodson and the Art of Black Teaching – Chapter 6

SUMMARY: Students are a product of their learning or unlearning. Chapter 6 shows that for Black students, Black schools with Black teachers teaching truth from the work of Black scholars directly impacted the work of those Black students; many of whom were key activists during the civil rights movement. Black students, with Black teachers and curricula rooted in truth from Black scholarship can fuel the next civil rights movement led by this current generation of students. I’ll never forget tha

Opinion: Representation Can Only Go So Far Without Exercise Of Power For Black People

Sadly, I can I remember the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. I also remember the news coverage in the immediate aftermath — the pundits declared 2020 the year of racial reckoning. Protests in the streets compelled mayors across the country — specifically Black mayors and other mayors of color — to action. They didn’t defund the police or even reduce police officer presence in their cities. What they did was paint the words “Black Lives Matter” on a designated street o

Mentoring and Supporting Black Teachers is Professional Standard A Review of Fugitive Pedagogy, Carter G. Woodson and the Art of Black Teaching – Chapter 5

SUMMARY: It’s pivotal that Black teachers receive mentorship from master Black teachers; whether formal or informal. In chapter 5, Dr. Woodson serves as both a formal and informal master mentor to Black teachers across the country through his scholarship as well as his correspondence. Dr. Woodson shows all teacher how to serve as a mentor to teachers both near and far. In addition to having a passion for teaching, a multifaceted set of skills to instruct children and knowledge of your content,

Rann Miller: Representation May Just Matter Where NJ’s Police Are Concerned

This month, the NAACP held its annual convention in Atlantic City. The convention was an opportunity for stakeholders in the Black community to discuss the issues impacting our community locally, regionally, and nationally. I personally had an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion involving education. I also got an opportunity to attend a number of different panel discussions, including a discussion on understanding the criminal justice system today.

The Vindication of History A Review of Fugitive Pedagogy, Carter G. Woodson and the Art of Black Teaching – Chapter 4

SUMMARY: Many students have heard lies concerning the history of Black people. But Black scholarship exists so that Black student may be taught the truth; vindicating Black people whose history is distorted in an anti-Black society. Chapter 4 shows how numerous scholars vindicated Black people through their scholarship that tells of the history of resistance and rebellion of Black people throughout the African diaspora. Who teaches Black children is a very important factor regarding their succe

Opinion: Republican 'Patriots' Are No Heroes, Former Trump Staff Testifying On Jan. 6 Doesn't Change The Fact They Were Trump Staff

The congressional investigation into the January 6 insurrection is in full swing, and it seems there is no end in sight. That’s because of recent testimony unearthing new details from those inside the Trump White House with prior knowledge of the leadup to the insurrection. Prying the door open to more intimate information about the day and its leadup was Cassidy Hutchinson, an assistant to former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Hutchinson was rushed to testify due to the intense pressure sh

Seeing With a Rigorous Sight: A Review of Fugitive Pedagogy, Carter G. Woodson and the Art of Black Teaching – Chapter 3

SUMMARY: In order to provide students with what they need in the classroom, teacher must acknowledge the realities of their experiences outside the classroom. Chapter 3 serves as a helpful reminder that educators best serve Black students when they position their pedagogy to center on the experiences and history of Black people. Teaching Black students absent in acknowledgment of who they are is educational malpractice. Dr. Woodson once said, “There would be no lynching if it didn’t start in th

The Watchman on the Wall: A Review of Fugitive Pedagogy, Carter G. Woodson And The Art Of Black Teaching – Chapter 2

SUMMARY: Dr. Greg Carr of Howard University has shared numerous times that individuals cannot beat institutions. Chapter 2 is an example of how Black institutional formations combat institutions built to destroy Black people. With the creation of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, Dr. Carter G. Woodson takes the fight straight to white supremacy by serving as a resource in Black classrooms nationwide. A few weeks ago, former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum gav

Between Coffle and Classroom: A Review of Fugitive Pedagogy, Carter G. Woodson and the Art of Black Teaching – Chapter 1

SUMMARY: Black education has always been a powerful form of resistance and rebellion within an anti-Black society. Chapter 1 of Dr. Jarvis Givens’ book, Fugitive Pedagogy, tells of Dr. Woodson’s education serving as a foundation for resisting anti-Black education through learning from his uncles; Black men who entered freedom school after the Civil War, becoming certified teachers. As it was for Woodson and his uncles, education is a means for Black people to resist white supremacy today. Contr

Opinion: Texas Could Change Enslavement To 'Involuntary Relocation' But The Truth Remains The Same, It’s Still Enslavement

A working group of nine educators including a professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley have proposed to the Texas State Board of Education that enslavement should be taught as “involuntary relocation” during second-grade social studies instruction. The thing is that enslavement wasn’t involuntary relocation. Thankfully, the board unanimously directed the work group “to revisit that specific language” because enslavement wasn’t involuntary relocation. Enslavement on indigenous so

A Tyranny of the Minority

In light of recent Supreme Court decisions that include police being exempt from announcing Miranda rights upon arrest, the ability to conceal carry a firearm, the ability to challenge wrongful convictions stemming from poor legal counsel, and the overturning of the Roe decision, folks all over social media and television media—and also Democratic politicians including President Biden — have encouraged those in disagreement with those decisions to vote in November. And, they’re right, we should

Opinion: Conservatives Should Learn To Live With Their Chaos, Stop Complaining About Mistreatment

You shouldn’t expect to be the recipient of peace when you sow discord. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court leak to overturn Roe vs. Wade, protesters demonstrated outside Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh‘s home and they continue to do so now that the highest court has ruled abortion rights unconstitutional. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Chuck Grassley from Iowa slammed the protesters. A man was arrested for a possible attempt on the life of Kavanaugh. McConnell called

Perspective | The new threat to good schooling for minority Americans

The school shooting in Uvalde, Tex., generated international attention to the vulnerability of children, particularly children of color, in a state with few gun regulations. But gun violence is not the only threat students of color are facing in the classroom. Shortly after the May leak of the Supreme Court’s majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the case that overturned Roe v. Wade, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Tex.) wondered whether Plyler v. Doe — the landmark decision that

When Tweeting It "Real" Goes Wrong

One of the consequences of tragedies that happen in a world of talking heads on social media is people making asinine comments in the public square. Such comments may not be malicious; however, they miss the mark. Comments around the unfortunate tragedy at Robb Elementary School are no different. Here are some examples. In a tweet, a researcher with a doctorate said that (and I am paraphrasing) that what it will take is sons having “joyful relationships” with their fathers to prevent school sho

Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown. Racist Is The Mindset Of Those Who Want To Police The Crown.

In 2022, Black hair is still bothersome to white people. This time (because sadly there were other times), it was the hair of a 12-year-old boy. According to the young man’s mother, this Minnesota student at Parnassus Preparatory Charter School had his hair cut by his teacher at the school, without the consent of the parents. Tadow McReynolds, the mother of the young man, called the police but it was to no avail. Parnassus Prep defended the teacher and offered no apology. Since, the young man

Opinion: Black Voters Must Be Mindful Of Who Has Their Political Interests At Heart

A lot of noise is being made about New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez supporting a candidate against Hudson Valley Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. But isn’t turnabout fair play? A political action committee is funneling money to support a challenge to progressive democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib from Michigan. Funny enough, a Black former congressional candidate supports this PAC. Former South Carolina Democratic House member Bakari Sellers is supporting Urban Empowerment Action (UEA), a political ac

Rann Miller: Juneteenth Lessons From New Jersey

I had the pleasure of taking part in one of the many Juneteenth celebrations that happened all over the state of New Jersey this month with my family. Although New Jersey is not Texas, Black Jerseyans celebrated as the first Texans did and like other Black folk around the country… we partied. We ate, drank, danced, supported numerous Black venders (selling everything from flavored skin scrubs to flavored sea moss), watched our children play in bouncy houses, playgrounds, on the basketball court

Opinion: Confronting Racism In Sports Media Out Of The Mouths Of Whites

Growing up, I hated Duke basketball. Although I couldn’t express it as masterfully as ESPN journalist Bomani Jones’ takedown of the program, at 8 years old I knew the program didn’t represent me — not like the Fab Five. As an adult, I’ve learned that these programs don’t represent Black people at all — only the money they generate from their labor, but I digress. JJ Redick was all a part of that Duke Blue Devils hate as a member of the team, and a very good member might I add, which fueled the
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